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Blue Belt (Level 5) Curriculum

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Blue Belt (Level 5) Curriculum

I. Punches

-Chops-Inside and Outside

-Ridge Hand

-Mouth of Hand Punch

II. Kicks/Knees

-Axe Kick

-Burst in Front Kick

-Long Knee

-Side Knee

-Switch Knees

-Flying Knee

-Downward Diagonal Round Kick

-Side Step Groin Kick

-Switch Step Groin Kick


III. Takedowns, Throws, and Holds - COMING SOON

-Sweep with Forward Kick

-Sweep with Heel Kick

-Sweep - Leg Sweep with Round Kick

-Double Leg Takedown


IV. Kick Defenses

-Gerenal Defense vs. Medium to High Attacks (Round kick, heel kick, etc)

-Sliding Defense vs. High Round Kick

-Defense vs. High Side Kick (Redirect)

-Defense vs. Low to Medium Side Kick (Plucking)

-Defense vs. Side Kick (Sideways to attacker)

-Sliding Defense vs. Spinning Heel Kick - COMING SOON

-Kick Defense vs. Spinning Kicks - COMING SOON


V. Fall Breaks/Rolls

-Forward Roll/Backward Roll


VI. Stick Defenses

-Overhead Swing

-Overhead Swing - off angle/dead side (1 step and 2 steps)

-Baseball Bat Swing


VII. Knife Defenses

-Kick Defense vs. Knife Attack from a Distance

-Kick Defense vs. Straight Stab (bail out)

-Hand Defenses (general 360 & inside defenses)

-Improvised Defensive Tools & Force Multipliers


VIII. Handgun Defenses

-Gun from the Front - Left & Right Side Defenses

-Gun from the Side of the Head - Left & Right Side Defenses

-Gun from the Side - In Front of the Arm (touching)

-Gun from the Front -Pushing into Stomach

-Gun from the Side - Behind the Arm

-Gun from Behind - Live Side (Touching)

IV. Cavaliers - COMING SOON

-Cavalier #1-4

X. Ground Work - COMING SOON

Mount - Bottom Position

-Head and Arm Choke Defense COMING SOON

Mount - Top Position

-S-Mount Arm Lock

-Head and Arm Choke

Side Mount - Bottom Position

-2 Hands Past Short Underhook Escape

-Arm Lock Defense

-Head and Arm Choke Defense

Side Mount - Top Position

-Head and Arm Choke - Same Side & Cross Side

-Arm Lock - Same & Cross Side COMING SOON

Guard - Bottom Position

-Head and Arm Choke

Guard - Top Position

-Head and Arm Choke Defense

Back Defense

-Defending Punches

-Sliding Low Defense

-Ankle Lock When Opponent Crosses Feet

-Bridge Towards Non-Choking Side

-Shoulder/Hip to Mat Escape

-Baseball Bat - 2 on 1 Defense

Back Mount

-Hand Fighting COMING SOON

-Face Down Control - Grapevine

-Face Up Control - 1 or 2 Hooks COMING SOON

-Switch to Mount

-Switch to Arm Lock

-Switch to Head/Arm Choke

-Striking from Face Up/Down Control

-Rear Naked Choke (quick & corotid)


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