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COVID-19 Virus Update

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To all of our Fortified Krav Maga Family:

After much deliberation and discussion, we have decided to close and cancel ALL classes starting Tomorrow March 16th until Saturday March 21st. At that point we will re-evaluate the situation and decide whether to close for a longer duration.

This is the hardest decision I have ever had to make as the leader of our gym. I did not make this decision unilaterally. As a group our primary focus always has been student safety. We are fortunate to have so many doctors, scientists and professors as students and friends who have all also advised us to close until the situation is contained and we feel that it is safe for everyone to return to the mats.

Now the really tough part, I need to ask all of you a favor...please, please do not place your memberships on hold or cancel your memberships. My responsibility with this whole mess is to make sure we have a great place to train when all of the dust settles. That will simply not be possible if everyone turns their backs on us during this difficult time for our families. If you love Fortified Krav Maga and your instructors and fellow students, we need your support.

Over the last 4 years my staff and I have worked tirelessly to serve our community to the absolute best of our abilities. We have hired the best instructors possible, we have invested in the best location,and the highest quality training equipment. Also, if anyone has ever fallen on tough times, you know that we did not turn our backs on you and we supported you through the tough times. We are asking that you do the same for us as we navigate these unfamiliar waters.

I never have asked our student body for anything because it is my duty to serve you, not the other way around.....but in this difficult time I am pleading for your understanding and loyalty. We love all of you like family and we hate that we have to make this call but it is the responsible thing to do given all of the data and facts that we have compiled.

We will not forget those who stick by us and remain loyal after this is all over. We are in the process of creating a digital format which we will teach from next week so you can stay on top of training with at home workouts. I also am committed to teaching extra makeup classes and free clinics and seminars after we reopen and we will beef up the normal class schedule to allow for makeups. We also plan on giving away some free merchandise and other things to people who stick by us. We will use this week off to make some improvements around the academy as well.

I am so terribly sorry guys. I love our team so much, I am in literal tears as I write this. Nobody is going to feel the pain of not being able to come to the gym more than me. We do not want to close but given all of the facts I feel it is the most logical choice. If there are any other concerns please message me directly or email me at info@fortifiedkravmaga.com

Best regards,

Clayton Mortensen

Proudly Helping Layton Stay Safe And Enjoy Total-Body Results

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