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Fortified Krav Maga

for·ti·fy: To strengthen (a place) with defensive works so as to protect it against attack.

At Fortified Krav Maga, that's the mission every day. We're here to help you learn real-world self-defense skills and face life with complete self-confidence in everything you do.

Our system is built on the no-rules world of Krav Maga. We help men and women of all abilities learn how to strike with power and speed and walk away from any dangerous situation unharmed.

Come see us in Layton today to try out the area's best fitness and self-defense training or simply fill out the short form on your screen to learn more!

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$ 199 / 3 Months

The instructors are extremely professional yet are family. It becomes a community of friends that want you to only succeed and push you to do so. You will love every second of it. Even when it hurts.

Group Fitness Layton

Tony K.

Very friendly instructors who really care about your progress. And always a very good workout.

Group Fitness Layton

Marc M.

I'm currently taking the 6 week boot camp. Best decision I've ever made. The instructors and owners are so awesome. Very helpful and nice yet they push you. They know you can do better than you think you can! Love it there!

Group Fitness Layton

Tiffany B.

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